I have been a client for 7 years. Medical Optimizer takes care of all my online marketing needs and my 5 websites and generated plenty of new patients for us. Highly appreciated.

Eddie Siman
- 5.0 Stars Eddie Siman DDS

The most knowledgeable online marketing firm. Always updated. Always ready. Angie I am just glad that you walked into my practice that day to get your tooth fixed and mentioned that you work for Professional Optimizer and explained your services. From that moment on I knew your company is the right company to work with. Not only you upgraded my website, but also ranked my site on top of Google's search result which honestly I did not think any company would be able to do that. You said your team will do it and you did it. See you on your next visit.

Siamak Barkhordar
- 5.0 Stars Siamak Barkhordar DDS

We have noticed a tremendous increase in our business's presence on search engines, particularly in Google. They always respond to our needs in a timely and professional manner and follow through on their promises. I highly recommend their services to any company in need of online marketing.

Arman Karapetyan
- 5.0 Stars Arman Karapetyan MD

Was referred by a doctor friend of mine and have been a client for over a year.They did such a great job that I just gave the complete marketing of my second practice to them. Thank you very much.

Gholam Mohammadzadeh
- 5.0 Stars Gholam Mohammadzadeh MD

Signed up about 8 months ago I already referred other doctor's to them for the great work they did for me....Thanks

K. Nourishad
- 5.0 Stars K. Nourishad DDS

I don't know how to thank you guys! You guys proved me how important and effective online marketing is and your packages generates targeted traffic

Antonio from
- 5.0 Stars Antonio from Laser in LA

Professional and fast. I was recommended to Medical Optimizers by my dentist while I was visiting him for marketing my plastic surgery clinic and fulfilled all my expectations. They respond in a timely manner, established a great ranking for Liposuction keywords as I had requested and much more. Great staff and service.

David Hansen
- 5.0 Stars David Hansen MD

Super happy with their services After going through several companies, they were the only company that delivered what they promised. After just 4 months of signing up, they doubled the number of my patients.

Neda Mehrabani
- 5.0 Stars Neda Mehrabani D.C.

Medical Optimizers designed my site, added lead capture tools and ranked it not just in my city by all the surrounding cities in my area for my dental clinic. My experience with them has bene absolutely positive. It wasn't an easy task to find the right SEO company but I am happy I did. They are attentive, professional, understand the client's expectations and make sure their clients are # 1 in their industry. Thank you.

Catalina Payne
- 5.0 Stars Catalina Payne DDS

I sign up with them by referral. They repealed my website and came up with a brand-new site, that represents our image and got us on the first page for my main keyword faster than I expected. As a celebrity plastic surgeon, we need to work with a company that shows the real image that we have to the public. I am very happy with the visibility that has been generated online which I was missing out through the previous company that was working on our website. They are professional and up to date and we are looking forward to continuing our long-term relationship with them.

McCoy Moretz
- 5.0 Stars McCoy Moretz MD

I signed up for medical Optimizers, through one of our clients that was working for the company and came to us for treatment. Right after signing up they jumped on the web design and marketing and ranked the first keyword on the first page pretty quickly. Since then our ranking keeps improving and were getting more and more services keywords on the first page. I get approached by a lot of companies but I'm glad that I found the right one. After signing up with them I found out that how many marketing tools are website was missing, including the great opportunity that we have in order to capture clients for our business. They are high-tech and always on top of their stuff. I also enjoyed the training videos that you provided. Very informative.

- 5.0 Stars Astrik from Petra MediSpa

I signed up wth them since they have a long track record of success. When I contacted them, they promised that they will rank us on the first page of Google for all of our services keywords in our city. I heard that promise from a lot of other companies in the past and none of them were able to do that so I was kind of skeptical in beginning but starting the first month I noticed an improvement in my ranking and They got all of our services keywords ranked on the first page of Google including bringing our great reviews to the surface. Exactly what was promised was done. I do highly recommend Medical Optimizers for marketing your clinic.

Robert Tingilian
- 5.0 Stars Robert Tingilian DDS

They laid out the right marketing strategy for our clinic. At that time we did not have a website, nor in marketing strategy or visibility. Rolen explained exactly what he takes to market our business and everything that should be done in order to capture the market in our area for our services. He's approach toward online marketing was very aggressive and I liked it when he said, he beats the competitor and does not compete with them. The package that was provided to us include the several different marketing services with a reasonable price. Thank you for your great service.

Tom Shanakian
- 5.0 Stars Tom Shanakian DDS

Medical Optimizer totally dominated the market in my area for cosmetic surgery and tripled our revenue. They are the most knowledgeable medical marketing firm that delivers what they promise.

Julia Berkei
- 5.0 Stars Julia Berkei MD

Keep getting new patents and leads on the regular basis and our website became our #1 tool for delivering our message to the patients. They don't just promote you but promote you in the right places.

David Bejot
- 5.0 Stars David Bejot MD

Our new patients keep increasing and I am very thankful for everything you are doing to promote our practice. Very pleased with your work.

Christian Garbe
- 5.0 Stars Christian Garbe MD

Glad that I switched to your company. Medical Optimizer is easy to work with and in a short period of time, they doubled the number of our patients and when they asked for my feedback I said I will give it to you with pleasure.

John Baker
- 5.0 Stars John Baker MD

We see a major increase in the number of our new patients which ultimately all of our marketing efforts were for and medical Optimizer knew exactly what area of the internet to target in order to accomplish that.

Ludger Meyer
- 5.0 Stars Ludger Meyer MD

I was referred to Medical Optimizer by a close friend of mine. They are very confident with their marketing skills and every word they said came true. I highly recommend them.

Sabine Oesterreich
- 5.0 Stars Sabine Oesterreich MD

I was surprised with the great results that were generated which resulted in increasing our revenue. Roland my marketing expert is a true professional and very knowledgeable in the medical marketing field.

Kevin Rogers
- 5.0 Stars Kevin Rogers MD

They understand the medical world and the industry and keep increasing our visibility in the right places on the web. The visitors that we are getting are exactly what we are looking for. Medical Optimizer team are true professionals.

Omid Haroonian
- 5.0 Stars Omid Haroonian DDS

The result was even better than what I was expecting. I am glad that my colleague referred me to Medical Optimizer. They go beyond marketing and their focus is generating actual patient's call. Very happy with their performance and results.

Nathan Hawkins
- 5.0 Stars Nathan Hawkins MD

Amazing result. they understand all branches of online marketing from website's ranking, videos marketing, social media and so on. All I can say is that the number of our patients keep increasing.

Hanieh Erdmann
- 5.0 Stars Hanieh Erdmann MD

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