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What Our Clients Are Saying

Dr. Ludgеr Mеуеr

We see a major increase in the number of our new patients which ultimately all of our marketing efforts were for and medical Optimizer knew exactly what area of the internet to target in order to accomplish that.

– Dr. Ludgеr Mеуеr
Dr. Sаbіnе Oesterreich

I was referred to Medical Optimizer by a close friend of mine. They are very confident with their marketing skills and every word they said came true. I highly recommend them.

– Dr. Sаbіnе Oesterreich
Dr. Kеvіn Rоgеrѕ

I was surprised with the great results that were generated which resulted in increasing our revenue. Roland my marketing expert is a true professional and very knowledgeable in the medical marketing field.

– Dr. Kеvіn Rоgеrѕ
Dr. Omid Haroonian

They understand the medical industry and keep increasing our visibility in the right places on the web. The visitors that we are getting are exactly what we are looking for. Medical Optimizer team are true professionals.

– Dr. Omid Haroonian
Dr. Nathan Hаwkіnѕ

The result was even better than what I was expecting. I am glad that my colleague referred me to Medical Optimizer. They go beyond marketing and their focus is generating actual patient’s call. Very happy with their performance and results.

– Dr. Nathan Hаwkіnѕ
Dr. Hаnіеh Erdmаnn

Amazing result. they understand all branches of online marketing from website’s ranking, videos marketing, social media and so on. All I can say is that the number of our patients keep increasing.

– Dr. Hаnіеh Erdmаnn
Dr. Jоhn Baker

Glad that I switched to your company. Medical Optimizer is easy to work with and in a short period of time, they doubled the number of our patients and when they asked for my feedback I said I will give it to you with pleasure.

– Dr. Jоhn Baker

– Dr
Dr. Chrіѕtіаn Gаrbе

Our new patients keep increasing and I am very thankful for everything you are doing to promote our practice. Very pleased with your work.

– Dr. Chrіѕtіаn Gаrbе
Dr. Sаm Barkchordar

The most knowledgeable online marketing firm. Always updated. Always ready. Not only you upgraded my website, but also ranked my site on top of Google’s search result.

– Dr. Sаm Barkchordar
Dr. David Hаnѕеn

Professional and fast. I was recommended to Medical Optimizers by my dentist while I was visiting him for marketing my plastic surgery clinic and fulfilled all my expectations.

– Dr. David Hаnѕеn
Dr. David Bejot

Keep getting new patents and leads on the regular basis and our website became our #1 tool for delivering our message to the patients. They don’t just promote you but promote you in the right places.

– Dr. David Bejot
Aѕtrіk Agamalyan RN

Right after signing up they jumped on the web design and marketing of our site and ranked the first keyword on the first page pretty quick. Now we have multiple keywords on the first page.

– Aѕtrіk Agamalyan RN
Dr. Gholam Mоhаmmаdzаdеh

Was referred by a doctor friend of mine and have been a client for over a year.They did such a great job that I just gave the complete marketing of my second practice to them. Thank you very much.

– Dr. Gholam Mоhаmmаdzаdеh
Dr. Eddie Sіmаn

I have been a client for 7 years. Medical Optimizer takes care of all my online marketing needs and my 5 websites and generated plenty of new patients for us. Highly appreciated.

– Dr. Eddie Sіmаn
Dr. MсCоу Mоrеtz

They repealed my website and came up with a brand-new site for our plastic surgery practice, that represents our image and got us on the first page for my main keyword faster than I expected.

– Dr. MсCоу Mоrеtz
Dr. Nеdа Mehrabani

Super happy with their services After going through several companies, they were the only company that delivered what they promised. After just 4 months of signing up, they doubled the number of my patients.

– Dr. Nеdа Mehrabani
Dr. Julia Bеrkеі

Medical Optimizer totally dominated the market in my area for cosmetic surgery and tripled our revenue. They are the most knowledgeable medical marketing firm that delivers what they promise.

– Dr. Julia Bеrkеі
Dr. Arman Karapetyan

We have been a client for almost 4 years and have noticed a tremendous increase in our business’s presence on search engines, particularly in Google.

– Dr. Arman Karapetyan


Search Engine Optimization

Medical Optimizers provide search engine optimization services to different medical firms around the world. Their range of service also includes video SEO, PPC management and much more.

Video SEO

Statistics show that right after a Google search, the online visitors go straight to Youtube and search for different keywords to see a video about that business. That is why video optimization is very important.

Reputation Marketing

Bad reviews could destroy your business completely. We have seen cases that the business owner had to either change the business name completely and start all over again or just shut down the business.

Google PPC Management

Google search results are divided into two part. Organic search result ad Pay per click. The organic search result is the search result that shows up on the left side of the page and the only way that you would be able to get on the first page in that section would be through proper search engine optimization.

Social Media Marketing

Social bookmarking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are search engine friendly sites that have millions of people visiting them monthly. When a source has this much traffic, it definitely can not be ignored. Facebook and Twitter, Instagram are only social bookmarking sites and there are hundreds of others.

Web Design

Medical optimizer has a group of professional wed designers that design a website for you exactly based on your needs. You can also show us different samples of the websites that you have seen and liked and we will make a website similar to that for you.

Micro Sites

Micro sites are small and specialized websites. Microsites increased the probability of capturing the customer and give the impression to the visitor that you are specialized in that particular field.

Video Production

The reason for that is because they want to see a video about that business. That is why having a video is one of the best ways to capture the online visitor. Just on YouTube you can see the number of people that have been watching the videos which are very noticeable.

Press Release Submission

Our press release submission service enables your release to reach or appear on thousands of global, national and local newspapers, television and radio stations, over 5,000 online news sites, 65,000 trade publications databases, intranets or extranets.
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Important features of the websites we design

We design sites with Google friendly coding which is perfect for search engine optimization and online marketing. Full backend admin panel to add additional pages, videos, pictures and more with just a mouse click. Beautiful designs ( We design any kind of site you like)

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Our Team

Roland Saks

Roland Saks

Computer Technology Engineer/Programmer specialized in online marketing

Cho Lee

Cho Lee

Computer programmer specialized in coding and software development.

James Hudson

James Hudson

Computer programmer and web designer, commercial video production.


Top Medical Marketing Firm

Since 1998 Medical Optimizer has been the leading medical marketing firm in US and, marketing doctors from all different medical fields. Whether you are a dentist, plastic surgery, a pharmacist, own a medical spa, or involved in other branches of the medical field, we can dominate the entire online market for your services. Medical Optimizer knows what online visitors are looking for and how to convert the visitor to actual calls and leads. Contact us for a FREE website analysis and quote.

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