Micro sites are small and specialized websites. Microsites increased the probability of capturing the customer and give the impression to the visitor that you are specialized in that particular field.

An example of a microsite is when a dentist has a website for general dentistry services that he offers but also has two microsites, one for cosmetic dentistry and one for a dental implant. In this case not only we get the general website on the first page for all the dentistry keywords, but also get the micro site on the first page just for the keywords that is related to that particular service which in this case is cosmetic dentistry and dental implant. When this happens, the dentist has two website for dental implant and cosmetic dentistry keywords on the first page of Google. One will be the general dentistry website and the other one the micro site of that particular service.

You get to choose for which one of your services you would like to have more exposure and we make the microsite based on that. When a visitor sees that a doctor has a website just for example cosmetic dentistry, he gets the impression that this doctor is specialized in cosmetic dentistry and is better than other doctors when it comes to this particular procedure. So this dentist will have a way higher chance of capturing that visitor versus the competition.

The same goes for Plastic surgeons, Med spa and other professional business. Majority of our clients have micro sites since they are very effective. All you need to do is to tell us which one of your services you would like to have the micro site for and we will make the site based on that and get it on the first page of Google.

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