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Dr. Miller, DDS

The best referral I ever got My web Master recommended you and he has multiple ongoing projects with you. After experiencing your service I understand why he referred me to you.

Dr. Miller, DDS

Dr. Wilson, DDS

Every word you mentioned came true Just want to thank you guys for your commitment and delivering what you promised. I was surely getting tired of empty promises of different companies. Thanks

Dr. Wilson, DDS

Dr. Thompson DDS

have been with you for 4 years already It has been 4 years since I signed up with you and for sure will be a permanent customer.

Dr. Thompson DDS

Dr. Siman DDS

I have been a client for 5 years. Medical Optimizer takes care of all my online marketing needs and my 5 websites and generated plenty of new patients for us.
Highly appreciated.

Dr. Siman DDS

Pharmacy marketing


Company Information

Medical Optimizers is a group of professional computer technology engineers and programmers that are specialized in medical, dental and plastic surgery SEO and marketing.Unlike other online marketing companies that make you sign a six month to a year contract, we don’t even have a long term contract and go month to month since we are very confident that you will be very happy with our services. That is why we don’t even need a long term contract and never had a client that wanted to discontinue the service. So with these conditions you have nothing to loose and a lot to gain. Our customers call our company “the last stop” since we achieved first page ranking for websites that other SEO companies could not even get close to what we achieved.We set our prices the way that would be affordable for all kinds of business. You will be getting fast and professional service and being able to contact us at all times which they highly appreciate.
Our Values
Our only goal is your 100% satisfaction. By providing a professional and fast service to our customers and being available to them at all times, we always achieve our goal.
Customer Service

 Professional customer service is what you should expect from us and that is what we provide.

Award Winning

 Medical Optimizers have been awarded by several organizations in US as the best medical marketing company.

Global Reach

Our customers come from all over the world and no matter what country your business is located in, we will capture the entire online market for you.


We are always available to answer your questions by phone and e-mail at any time. Please check out the contact page for contact information.

Our Commitment
We are committed to provide the best service ever to our customers. All of our staff are very professional in medical marketing and have over a decade experience in this field. We know that time is very valuable to you and that is why our professional staff will take care of all your online marketing so you would just concentrate of what you do best and not to be worry about promoting your website since our online marketing packages are complete and we are fully committed in providing excellent service for you.