Since 1998 Medical Optimizers has been the leading medical marketing firm for plastic surgeons, dentists, medical spa, pharmacies and other medical related fields. Unlike other companies that are just simple web designers, the professional staff working at Medical Optimizers are educated computer technology engineers, programmers, and
software developers, specialized in online marketing that understands Google’s algorithm. They designed softwares which are available for our clients only are exclusively available through our company only. These software and programs include lead capture tools to convert your website visitors to actual calls or leads while building
a 5 STAR reputation for your business.

Our advanced reputation marketing and management software and platform will increase your 5 STAR reviews all over the internet and markets them with very little effort on your side.

Why we are different:

  • Our staff are computer technology engineers and programmers and not just simple web designers.
  • We are specialized in medical marketing and have a long track record of success.
  • We developed softwares and lead capture tools to maximize the conversion rate, available to our clients only.
  • We do complete online marketing and not just SEO and we only practice white hat SEO.
  • Besides promoting you all over the internet, we establish a 5 STAR
    reputation for your business.
  • We are a one-stop medical marketing firm and do everything from web design, marketing, establishing a 5 STAR reputation, video promotion and more.
  • You receive a professional, fast and reliable service.
  • We love educating our clients and answer all their questions in detail.
  • We don’t compete with your competitors, we beat them.
  • We always keep our clients updated with the latest changes in the technology.
  • We offer a complete online marketing package that is to capture 100% of the online market for your services in the areas you request.


Medical Optimizers clients include celebrity plastic surgeons and cosmetic dentists and the reason that these professional businesses like working with us besides our fast and reliable service are the advanced tools that we offer to them and the fact that we do the entire search engine optimization process by hand, white hat, just the way Google like it.

We pay special attention to each one of our client’s account and our packages are designed to beat your competitors, not to compete with them. call us today for a FREE WEBSITE ANALYSIS AND CONSULTATION at 1-866-676-6797.

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